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A minute's silence for a Suffragette hero

On 4th June 1913, Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison ran in front of the King’s horse during the Epsom Derby and was knocked unconscious. She died of her injuries four days later having never regained consciousness.

Acting on the suffragette slogan ‘Deeds not Words’, Davison’s protest against the refusal of Britain’s rulers to grant votes for women made her a martyr for democracy and women’s rights.

On the 100th anniversary of this, the most famous of all suffragette protests, we call on 2013′s Derby to observe a minute’s silence in tribute to Emily Wilding Davison and the sacrifice she made.

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2,277Erica HelmMay 28, 2016
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2,229Joanne WilsonJun 04, 2013
2,228SIRI ROKKANJun 03, 2013


  1. nigel sidebottom says:

    It’s the very least they can do. They ought to have done more, many decades ago.

  2. Sue Wright says:

    We honour women of courage throughout history, so we should honour a true heroine who gave everything to improve the lives of all of us that followed.

  3. Robert Roffey says:

    Remember a martyr for our rights.

  4. Christine Davidson says:

    We owe her a great debt. Such heroism is rare, during any time period. Let us not forget.

  5. m cheverton says:

    This is an important event in the fight for women’n rights and should be remembered !

  6. Sue Chapman says:

    I totally support this petition

  7. Annie Moseley says:

    We owe her a great debt – I won’t ever forget.

  8. Fiona McLeod MSP says:

    Important that we remember but we still need deeds not words in the 21st century for the women who are suffering and disenfranchised around the globe

  9. I fully support this petiton.

  10. Sue Bradley says:

    I absolutely support this petition. A tribute to Emily Davison is long overdue. Well done!

  11. Maria McGilly says:

    I fully endorse the recognition of a minute’s silence to recognise this heroine’s achievements for women…pity we have had to wait 100 years for her actions to be recognised!

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