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Rally for Emily Wilding Davison

Thursday 16th May


St George’s Church, 6-7 Little Russell Street, London, WC1A 2HR

Speakers include:

Katherine Tupper, great-great niece of Emily Wilding Davison
Emily Thornberry, MP for Islington South and Finsbury, and Shadow Attorney General
Lindsey German, National Convenor of the Stop the War Coalition and author of books on women’s struggles
Katherine Connelly, Emily Wilding Davison Memorial Campaign Co-ordinator and author of forthcoming biography of suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst
Rosamund McNeil, National Union of Teachers’ Head of Education and Equalities
Louise Raw, historian and author of Striking a Light: The Bryant and May Matchwomen and their Place in History
Yvonne Ridley, journalist and human rights activist
Mel Whitter, Women and Equalities Officer for the London and Eastern Region of Unite the Union
Peter Barratt, great-grandson of Leicester Suffragette Alice Hawkins

Please join us at the beautiful church where Emily Davison’s funeral was held in 1913. The rally will explore the life of Emily Davison, the past struggles for women’s rights and democracy and their relevance to us today.

To reserve your seat (for free) please go to:


On 4th June 1913, Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison ran in front of the King’s horse during the Epsom Derby and was knocked unconscious.  She died of her injuries four days later having never regained consciousness.  Acting on the suffragette slogan ‘Deeds not Words’, Davison’s protest against the refusal of Britain’s rulers to grant votes for women made her a martyr for democracy and women’s rights.

A hundred years on from Emily Davison’s last protest we still face inequality and oppression. It’s vital that the sacrifice she made in the fight for democracy and women’s rights is remembered.

The Emily Wilding Davison Memorial Campaign has been set up to campaign for a minute’s silence at the 2013 Derby Day in her memory.

Our launch event was held on November 29th, with a number of excellent contributors. Below are videos of the speeches on the day.


Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers

Dr Diane Atkinson, author and curator of the Suffragettes


Dr Helen Pankhurst, granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst and international development and women’s rights campaigner

Peter Barratt, great-grandson of Leicester Suffragette Alice Hawkins

Katherine Connelly, campaign co-ordinator


  1. Sandra Shipton says:

    I am delighted to add my name and support for recognition of this significant anniversary.

  2. Shirley Lawrie says:

    She was a remarkable woman.

  3. Roisin Robertson says:

    A great idea…so many people think, but not act on their beliefs.

  4. Leena Tamang says:

    her spirit lives on…

  5. Anne Ossowska says:

    Emily should be remembered by a minute’s silence. There are still too many predudices against women around the world which must be got rid of. She got us the vote, but too long after her death, 1928 I believe.

  6. Les Thurlow says:

    Everyone should add there names to this………….

  7. Pat Fysh says:

    She was a very important woman in the fight for the vote for women. The fight for equal rights for women goes on and I think a minutes silence in her memory is a very good idea.

  8. kath jackson says:

    An excellent idea and an important commemoration!

  9. Anya-Nicola Darr says:

    Hopefully having this campaign will encourage more women to vote, even if its just to spoil their ballot paper with a pithy remark! I have been shocked at the low turn out recently and anything we can do to encourage a higher turn out can only be to the good of democracy!

  10. Katherine Tupper says:

    Fantastic idea! Indeed, we have the vote but it’s taken for granted all too often, with far too few of us exercising our right that those, including Emily Davison, my great great aunt, fought so hard for.

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